1. Finally back where I belong. Tolmie Peak. Mount Rainier National Park

  2. Favorite sky magic.

  3. Seasonal changes cause my to heart squeeze in all the wrong places. But this fall, I’m investing in learning more about where those feelings come from, what they mean, and how to move through them. Women’s group begins Sunday.

  4. Thoughts.

  5. "Letting go of ‘stuff’ allowed the world to collapse behind me as I moved, so I became nothing more or less than who I simply was: Me." / Dee Williams


  6. "She was like walking, breathing, dancing-electricity,
    And every thing she touched,
    Either came alive or bursted into flames.
    Everything in her path turned into light.
    She left behind light
    Or ashes.
  7. Cat-sitting is the best kind of sitting.

  8. Surprises.

  9. Juneau. Never fails to amaze.

  10. How is this my reality? Shi Shi Beach, August 2014.